Healthy parents, healthy kids

Thanks for a great session - I'm committed to kick-starting a healthier me and now feel much more confident about what food choices to make.



Want to change your eating habits but not quite sure where to start?

Fed up with trying diets that don't work? Or maybe you're so busy juggling family life that your own health has drifted...

Sound familiar? Whatever your situation, let me help you get back on track by providing the time and space to focus on YOU. 

My approach:

Telling people what to do doesn't work. Nor does 'prescribing' restrictive meal plans. Not in the longer-term anyway. So I won't do that.

I will, however, listen to your story and understand how food fits in with your day-to-day life. Like climbing a mountain, you probably know which direction you're heading in, but you need some guidance to navigate the best route.

With my experience in using behaviour change techniques, plus my knowledge of evidence-based nutrition science, I will work with you to create a realistic plan of action for achievable dietary change that lasts.  

I can help you to:

  • Identify which aspects of your diet to prioritise

  • Understand your triggers for unhelpful behaviours

  • Set goals that are realistic and achievable

  • Develop new habits that actually last

  • Feel healthier and more energised

Ready to make a change?

Get in touch today for a free no-obligation chat. I look forward to hearing from you!