"I found the weaning workshop really useful and liked doing this as a group so that we could all share experiences and thoughts about feeding our children. I don't get that stressed about it anymore! A very practical and no-nonsense approach".


In 2009, shortly after my first son was born, I was invited to run weaning and fussy eating workshops for parents at my local Children's Centre. 

Soon after, realising just how many conflicting messages about children's food parents were being exposed to, I set up the Teeny Tummies Facebook page to share evidence-based information, nutrition news and tips about feeding babies and children.

I now deliver Teeny Tummies talks and group events in residential, community and corporate venues across London.

Popular topics include:

  • Starting solids

  • Toddler nutrition

  • Healthy snacking

  • Managing fussy eating

  • Healthy eating for busy parents

  • Eating for two? Pregnancy nutrition

Upcoming events


Are you interested in healthy eating for the whole family? Do you have questions about feeding your brood? Whether you have weaning worries, frustrations with a fussy eater, or just looking for some family nutrition tips, drop in to one of my pop-up ‘Ask the Nutritionist’ sessions for free advice, information and discount vouchers. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Thursday 6th December 2018, 11.00-12.00 at N20 Kids Club: 1105-1111 High Road, London N20 0PT


Details will be added shortly….